Meet the MCA Team



Pamela Manfredo Curtis, Ph.D.
Founder and President, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.
Host, Corner Office Confidential on SiriusXM

Pamela Manfredo Curtis, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC. In the exclusive world of global leaders, she is regarded as an elite executive coach and a corporate game changer, one who CEOs enthusiastically recommend to one another. Her proprietary approach involves mining the hearts and souls and childhoods of her CEO clients so they can reach their full potential—to lead authentically, to achieve extraordinary results, and to forge deep, emotional connections, both professionally and personally. She has partnered with leaders for over 30 years including Mary Barra, Tom Linebarger, Matt Levatich, Curt Welling, and John Replogle. Pam is the host of SiriusXM’s Corner Office Confidential, a special series on leadership where she teams with her C-suite clients for intimate, exclusive conversations revealing their journeys and sharing with SiriusXM listeners the profound leadership lessons learned along the way. Pam is currently working on her first book. > More

Allen Hammer, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor and Assessment Expert, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Al is an award-winning researcher, an influential and widely read author, and one of the world’s foremost experts in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ assessment (FIRO®), and the Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong). Al is the brilliant mind behind the MCA executive assessments. He is able to interpret data from any combination of inventories and deliver deeply accurate insights. > More

Sarita Bhakuni, Psy.D.
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Sarita loves investing in people, and excels at managing change and creating growth. She enthusiastically wears many professional hats. She is an advisor to C-level executives, a lead facilitator for MBA students at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an instructor for CPP, Inc.'s CPI 260® certification program, and a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Chicago. Transformational change is at the heart of Sarita’s consulting work. > More

Kiki Cahn, MBA
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Since joining MCA in 2012, Kiki has become a thought partner to Dr. Manfredo Curtis, helping ensure quality is at the highest possible level across all areas of the business, including customizing work to exceed each client’s expectations. She also challenges Pam to evolve the business in new and exciting ways. As Kiki’s eclectic resume reveals, she draws on skills acquired from diverse senior management roles to do work she truly loves – helping people transform their lives. > More

Rob Devine, M.A.
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Rob's career has been devoted to empowering people to overcome challenges and achieve demanding goals, first as a teacher of students in the elementary classroom, then as a developer of educational materials and personality assessments, and currently as an advisor to corporate leaders. Rob enters into long-term and deep, professional relationships with clients, helping them to become more self-aware, impactful, and focused leaders. > More


Eugene R. (Geno) Schnell, Ph.D.
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Geno's career began in academia, where he helped students and faculty members learn leadership - and then he continued guiding some as they developed inventions and launched businesses. As Geno’s reputation as an advisor grew, so did his client portfolio. He’s collaborated with science educators in 22 nations, engineers at Lockheed Martin, world-renowned doctors at Stanford, and leaders in the architecture, biomedical engineering, government, finance, and health industries.  > More

Eva Margot Kant, LCSW-R
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Eva creates a safe and supportive space for individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate change and to achieve personal and professional growth. She is a psychotherapist with a private practice in New York City, an in-demand speaker, an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work, and an executive coach with firsthand knowledge of business cultures thanks to her corporate, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial experiences. > More

Lola Intagliata
Executive Image Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC. 

As an Executive Image Consultant, Lola advises leaders on how to dress with mindfulness—to exude power while expressing their authentic selves. She conducts corporate image workshops as well as private consultations, and has partnered with MCA since 1999. If a leader feels that image consulting is relevant to their journey, Lola helps the leader to visually affirm their intentions through wardrobe, accessory, and hairstyle choices. > More

Stacey Petzold
Graphic Design Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Stacey creates dynamic presentations and meeting materials for the collaborations between MCA, C-level leaders, and executive teams. With input from Dr. Manfredo Curtis, Stacey thoughtfully personalizes each presentation for a specific audience. Her artistic talent, corporate background, and proficiency in design and office software result in work that is graphically engaging, efficient, and geared to leaders.  > More

Dayna Macari
Administrative Support and Organizational Consultant, Manfredo Curtis Associates, LLC.

Dayna's commitment to exceptional client service, particularly her ability to anticipate a client need, makes her an indispensable member of the MCA team. Dayna supervises every aspect of Dr. Manfredo Curtis’s calendar. Additionally, she is the liaison between MCA and its technology consultants. Clients share that Dayna’s professionalism, attention to detail, accessibility, and kindness make every phone call and email exchange with her a pleasure. > More