Kiki Cahn, MBA
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant

Since joining MCA in 2012, Kiki has become a thought partner to Dr. Manfredo Curtis, helping ensure quality is at the highest possible level across all areas of the business, including customizing work to exceed each client’s expectations. She also challenges Pam to evolve the business in new and exciting ways. As Kiki’s eclectic resume reveals, she draws on skills acquired from diverse senior management roles to do work she truly loves—helping people transform their lives.

"Working with Kiki has been life changing. She truly demonstrates great care for an individual's whole self. She has been instrumental in helping me uncover my fullest potential as a leader."

Christina M. Baldwin, Director, Functional Talent Management, Cummins

Kiki graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in social studies. Her first foray in business was a one-week assignment at Duferco Ltd. (USA), an international steel-trading company, which quickly led to a job offer. Over the course of the next ten years, Kiki held a variety of increasingly senior positions managing purchasing, foreign exchange, operations, and the Japanese import business – and then was named Duferco’s treasurer based in Lugano, Switzerland financing a billion dollars of annual purchases and managing relationships with international banks. Ever the globally-inquisitive student, Kiki took a sabbatical from Duferco to attend the London Business School. In 1995, she graduated with her MBA in International Business.

Kiki’s next corporate chapter was all about delivering exceptional customer service. For nine years, she was the Customer Service Manager of the Danbury Mint, the $300-million direct marketing collectibles division of MBI, Inc. She supervised a department of 60 people and two outside telemarketing companies that handled over one million calls per year. Because of her customer-focused responsibilities, Kiki’s natural emotional intelligence became more finely tuned during her tenure with MBI. Driven by the desire to help make the world a better place, Kiki changed careers and was named the COO of Surviving Bullies Charity, Inc. She worked with the charity’s founder, the Yale Department of Psychology, mental health professionals, superintendents, boards of education, and school administrators to create, implement, and evaluate an anti-bullying initiative called the School Climate Project. She worked not only to find and provide help for kids who were being bullied, but also to teach leadership skills to bystanders to enable them to support targets of bullying. This work proved pivotal for Kiki. She realized the impact it could have on executives, and she was eager to apply her learning to the corporate sector.

"Kiki is a warm and kind person, which is obvious from the moment you meet her. She is a true professional and she has changed me for the better—both professionally and personally."

Con O'Sullivan, Power Systems Supply Chain Leader, Cummins

In 2012, Kiki joined MCA and shortly thereafter, earned her Executive Coaching Certificate from Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business. As an executive coach, she uses her caring and compassion to forge deep connections with her clients, creating a safe place for leaders to transform their lives. As an attuned and adept writer, she works with leaders one-on-one to get to the heart of why they were put on this earth, and then helps each one to express this with clarity and feeling in their leadership purpose. And she explores new areas of content to continually enhance the business.

Kiki, her husband, Simon, and their son, Daniel, call Connecticut home. Music plays a big part in their lives. Kiki is a devoted pianist, and belongs to an adult group that meets monthly to perform for one another. She and Simon love attending Daniel’s performances, a packed concert schedule that includes classical chamber music, jazz band, and pit orchestra. Kiki is also an avid cook, a committed volunteer, and an enthusiastic international traveler. She spent her six years in Switzerland traveling to a new destination every weekend and was soon advising her Italian colleagues on all the best places to visit in Italy. But perhaps her most memorable travel adventure was as her mother’s companion on Pan Am Flight 001 in 1980, an around-the-world journey that included stops in Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, and Europe. “This was an amazing opportunity at a young age to experience all of those cultures,” shared Kiki. “It fostered not only my love of travel but also my fascination with international business that has continued to play out throughout my life.”


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