Dayna Macari
Administrative Support and Organizational Consultant

Dayna’s commitment to exceptional client service, particularly her ability to anticipate a client need, makes her an indispensable member of the MCA team.

As an Administrative Support and Organizational Consultant, Dayna supervises Dr. Manfredo Curtis’s calendar, a packed schedule that includes advisory sessions with CEOs, consultations with MCA executive coaches, and MCA HPT™ working sessions with leaders both domestically and abroad.

Dayna specializes in organizing in-depth engagements for MCA. She ensures that every possible need is taken care of so Dr. Manfredo Curtis and the client can focus solely on their work. Dayna manages accommodations, event spaces, meeting materials, menus, services, and transportation. Additionally, she is the liaison between MCA and its technology consultants. Clients share that Dayna’s professionalism, attention to detail, accessibility, and kindness make every phone call and email exchange with her a pleasure.

“Dayna is a wonderful extension of Pam. She creates such a great working relationship and is a tremendous gift.”

Amy Schumacher, President, The Heritage Group

Prior to consulting for MCA, Dayna owned and operated an organization service. She helped clients let go of things—gently and without judgment—guiding them through the emotional journey of donating and disposing of excess stuff. She took great pride in transforming the lives and spaces of her clients. Dayna is also a dedicated volunteer, having served for three years as an elementary school PTA President with a talent for fundraising. Her efforts enabled teachers to add much-needed books, software, and school supplies to their classrooms. Currently, she organizes an annual golf tournament to help the local football team afford uniforms and transportation to away games.

Dayna is married to Rick, a love story that began when the two attended their high school prom together. Their son, Michael, is a three-sport athlete and they happily attend every game, meet, and tournament. But you don’t truly know Dayna until you have been spoiled by her cooking and hospitality.  Her specialties are stuffed clams, manicotti, and spiedino alla Romana. The MCA team members and clients often indulge! If you’re lucky enough to get an invitation to her table, bring your appetite and plan on staying to the wee hours.


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