Rob Devine, M.A.
Executive Coach and Senior Consultant

Rob's career has been devoted to empowering people to overcome challenges and achieve demanding goals, first as a teacher of students in the elementary classroom, then as a developer of educational materials and personality assessments, and currently as an advisor to corporate leaders. Rob’s mentor was Harrison Gough, a pioneer in personality research, and the creator of the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™). Rob is the author of the CPI 260® Certification Program and the CPI 260® Client Feedback Report Guide for Interpretation. He is certified in numerous inventories, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI®) instrument, the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™(FIRO®), the Resilience Profile, and the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument.

"Rob knows personality inventories inside and out. He is a master teacher and an awesome executive coach. Rob puts you at ease and walks you into the shallow end before you get into the deep end."

Jill Cook, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cummins

As an undergraduate sociology student, Rob wrote a paper summarizing some of the research and contributions of Harrison Gough. Twenty-five years later, Rob found himself working with the esteemed psychologist at Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. (CPP, Inc.), a world leader in personality, career, and organizational development assessments. It was also at CPP, Inc. that Rob partnered with another master, industrial organizational psychologist and author Pierre Meyer. From Gough, Rob learned what made an instrument so effective—its construction, scales, and interpretive method and practices. From Meyer, Rob learned how to effectively apply these assessments to identify a client’s strength and style, as well as to propose developmental opportunities in the service of understanding person/job fit. For nearly ten years, together they helped managers and companies make sound, enduring hiring decisions. They also helped individuals chart their own course to personal development and performance improvement.

Rob received his bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology from the University of Toronto, and later returned to earn his bachelor’s degree in education, as well as his teacher certification. He was a teacher for four years in Canada before joining the publishing industry to spearhead education initiatives. He is most proud of a K-8 mathematics series he helped develop from scratch pad to finished product: identifying authors, serving as editor, and consulting to school districts by designing and running workshops for teachers on how to best use the materials with students. He went on to gain managerial and executive capabilities at senior positions in the educational publishing industry. His later experience at CPP, Inc. led to his graduate degree. Rob was deeply drawn to the various assessments he helped develop there, and he knew that he wanted to apply these psychological instruments for others. In 1998, Rob earned his master’s degree in organizational behavior from Golden Gate University in San Francisco before going into private practice.

"Rob and I have collaborated on executive development programs for over 17 years. The depth and breadth of his assessment knowledge is impressive, and he leverages it to facilitate and support the growth of senior leaders."

Nicole Trapasso, Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development, CPP, Inc.

In addition to his education and publishing expertise, Rob has extensive experience consulting to the healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries. He specializes in executive coaching, executive selection, management effectiveness training, team building, and career evaluation and management. Rob’s work with MCA means he enters into long-term and deep, professional relationships with clients, helping them to become more self-aware, impactful, and focused leaders. Clients report that Rob is a good listener, insightful, funny, optimistic, curious, supportive, and an effective problem solver.

Rob grew up in Canada and emigrated to California in the early 1990s. He and his wife, Juline, are the parents of two teenagers, Jill and Matt, and two pugs, Winston and Maya. They reside in a region renowned for its wine, which suits wine enthusiast Rob just fine. Recently, Rob took up a hobby, one that is both humbling and tremendously satisfying: he bakes artisan bread at his home using a wood-fired clay oven. Patience is key, as creating one loaf requires many steps before firing up and preparing the oven to maintain an even 500 degrees. Rob now bakes a delicious country loaf, to the delight of family and friends. Alas, the perfect baguette still eludes him.


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