MCA Advisory Services



Manfredo Curtis Associates excels at coaching leaders and their executive teams through behavioral, cultural, and structural change efforts that are large-scale and complex. Our MCA processes, customized for you, are powered by proprietary models and tools, interviews with influencers, personality analyses, a solid communication plan, and advanced project planning—all aimed at engaging the hearts and minds of your people. You own the transformation, and we commit to enhance your excellence while you achieve it.


Often leaders have extraordinary technical capabilities and are less comfortable with the complexities of managing relationships and inspiring employees. We create a customized coaching program to build your self-awareness; it’s based on your personality inventory results, your life history, and the input of key stakeholders. From there, our dynamic approach involves in-the-moment observations and feedback combined with exposure to creative experiences and thought leaders. Your perspective will be challenged and your leadership behaviors will evolve. Typically, we coach leaders as part of a broader change initiative. We serve as a confidential sounding board while you instill confidence in your people, build individual commitment, and get the best out of your organization.


MCA specializes in leadership transitions, whether initiated by the Board, the current CEO, or you—the CEO candidate. We work with you to set yourself apart from others. You'll learn how to articulate your leadership purpose as well as your values, your expectations of others, and your vision for the company. You'll develop learning and communication plans. And you'll inspire commitment. As initiated by you, key stakeholders will be clear what you need to do to leverage your strengths and overcome gaps. At the end of our work together, your Board and your current CEO will be sure they made the right decision. We help you ascend to the most senior role of the company and empower you to architect long-term success.


We help you determine if your business goals are clear and compelling - and evaluate if you have the talent at the senior level to achieve them. To do this, we develop a comprehensive picture of you and your executive team by conducting one-on-one interviews and having each member complete a series of advanced psychometrics. We then assess your team’s ability to engage in meaningful business conversations, get strategically aligned, and hold one another and the team accountable for outstanding results. In the end, we integrate the findings and prepare recommendations for development that are shared with the entire senior team. Our proven approach works across sectors and cultures.


We help you achieve a world-class leadership culture to catapult your company to the forefront of global influencers. Our experts, renowned in the field of industrial/organizational psychology, guide your senior team through the difficult process of transformation - as individuals and as a group. Your team will build trust and learn to understand and appreciate its members’ diverse styles, strengths, and perspectives. You will engage in rich discussions about business issues, provide constructive feedback to one another, and propel each other to excellence. MCA HPT™ releases the power of your organization and helps you meet audacious goals.


Are your leaders at the pinnacle of their professions? Corporate success is only one aspect of their legacy. Through MCA AL™, we help your senior executives gain deeply personal insights into themselves so they can unlock their full potential—to be better leaders and better human beings, everywhere, all the time. We embark on this transformational work for approximately two years. By the end, your senior leaders will be able to articulate who they are as leaders and inspire others to follow them. Authentic Leadership is just one solution. For an elite group of senior leaders to be pioneers in their sector, we will customize a leadership development program. We have designed hundreds of these programs and we look forward to collaborating with you.


When mindsets change, behavior change follows—and lasts. This is tough work and can take years. At the start, we help you identify the values, behaviors, and culture you desire and need to achieve your business goals. We use personality inventories and surveys to help you understand your company’s current culture, and then what’s required to change it. At the heart of this effort is identifying leaders who can be role models for new ways of operating and we support them with the coaching to do so. Our process encourages continuous praise and recognition of the people living the values. Our process also includes openness to and support of the skeptics. This will help those cynics commit to the new culture—or choose to leave. As your culture evolves, and new behaviors become routine, you will have the pleasure of seeing your company flourish.


A solid communications strategy is one of the critical components of any change initiative. We partner with you to identify the key messages and then craft the most compelling, effective, and positive way for the initiative to be positioned. For your people to embrace and be energized by change, clarity of goals, roles, and metrics is essential. We help you create an aspirational picture of the future, inspiring employees to take ownership and perform in new ways.


We design and implement a range of diagnostics (customized surveys, highly-interactive focus groups, and one-on-one interviews) to help you understand what your people think and feel about working in your enterprise. After analyzing the data, we share the results across your organization, first with executives and then with all employees via an easy-to-read summary called our Survey Tri-fold. To facilitate change, we launch cross-functional teams to address the top issues.


We design your off-site event to be a microcosm of your broader, long-term corporate change effort. The event's theme and detailed agenda will change mindsets, narrow behavioral gaps, encourage knowledge gathering, and promote bonding through informal time together and lots of positive surprises. We take care of every detail to ensure a professional and profound experience for you and your people.