Your Commitment as a Client

"Realizing extraordinary success requires MCA's full commitment. We offer insight into your challenges, continuous emotional support, and a total belief in your ability—and we’re available whenever you need us. In return, we expect you, our clients, to have the same unwavering commitment to this work." 

— Pamela Manfredo Curtis, Ph.D., Founder and President


Set audacious goals and audacious demands for yourself, your organization and us. Understand what you want to achieve and why you want to do it—spend time determining what’s in it for you.

Start with yourself. Commit to your own personal change (behavior, mindset, approaches, role, etc.) before you ask anyone else to. And commit the time to the work. Begin as you wish to continue. Be a role model for the new ways of operating.

Embrace the extraordinary possibilities that will come your way. There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve.  Make sure you suspend your previous assumptions.

Be tenacious in this work. Stopping later will negatively impact your credibility and ours.

As leaders, public commitment to the larger vision is essential especially during difficult times. The team needs you to demonstrate your unwavering commitment to the change agenda. Live up to promises made.

Ensure your private behaviors match your public statements.

Dedicate the necessary resources to ensure the success of this work: your time, your team’s time, financial support.

Reward those who get on board and recognize their progress. Be willing to identify those who don’t commit themselves to this work.

Be fully engaged in the work. Dedicate yourself just as much as we do. Tell us what is working and what isn’t.

Build synergy among internal company members and any other consultants involved.

As you learn from our work together, please share your learnings with your peers and colleagues.