Stacey Petzold
Graphic Design Consultant

Stacey creates dynamic presentations and meeting materials for the collaborations between MCA, C-level leaders, and executive teams.

These are not your average PowerPoints. With input from Dr. Manfredo Curtis, Stacey thoughtfully personalizes each presentation for a specific audience. The human brain is hard-wired to process visuals both immediately and intuitively, so Stacey takes special care to select colors and imagery that will resonate with the client. She is particularly gifted at creating vibrant graphic collages that depict an executive’s vision of their life. And because data powers every MCA presentation, Stacey is a stickler for accuracy.

"The MCA team is incredibly competent. Pam only selects the very best people—always. She screens people to make sure they can deliver on her own personal commitment to excellence."

Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins

Stacey grew up in a creative household—on two continents. Her parents are ad agency veterans and successful artists, and moved the family from South Africa to Canada when Stacey was 16 years old. Stacey remembers a childhood spent playing with drafting pens, Letraset sheets, and T-squares in her parents’ home studio. But a career in art would beckon later. In high school, Stacey took a part-time job as a file clerk at a financial services firm and within nine years rose through the ranks to become the executive assistant to the CFO. It was a busy time; Stacey also earned her bachelor’s degrees in English and history from the University of Toronto and met and married Joachim. In 2003, the couple moved to Connecticut and after the birth of their daughter, Kristina, and their son, Felix, Stacey returned to school to earn her associate degree in graphic design.

Stacey is the founder and Chief Scribbler of SPGD, a graphic design firm based in Norwalk, Conn. Her artistic talent, corporate background, and proficiency in design and office software result in work that is graphically engaging, efficient, and geared to leaders. She is fluent in English and German, and has a working knowledge of French and Afrikaans. Stacey’s clients hail from around the world.

Stacey looks for inspiration everywhere. She is an avid world traveler, a voracious reader, an experienced painter and photographer, and an enthusiastic banjo player.


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